• Digital Marketing Specialist


    Attendees will have a working knowledge of the electronic devices that customers use to interact with online channels (e.g., smartphones, computers, and tablets).

    Attendees will have the capacity to plan, develop, and exploit the existing digital marketing channels in a way that optimizes the delivery of the marketing objectives.

    SMstudy Certified Digital Marketing Specialists facilitate the delivery of well-planned digital marketing approaches that are aligned with the requirements of the marketing strategy.

    Audience profile:

    This certification is ideal for people who work in sales and marketing who are seeking an opportunity to become digital marketing specialists.


    Our Digital marketing exams are accredited by SMstudy. SMstudy® is the Global Accreditation Body for Sales and Marketing certifications. It has authored the SMstudy® Guide, a comprehensive guide on Sales and Marketing, which can be used by any organization or individual to understand and excel in the domain of Sales and Marketing.