• Scrum Agile Master Certified


    SAMC™ Certified Professionals are Scrum experts who have a comprehensive working understanding of Agile development and the ability to plan and implement Scrum developments that are aligned with the needs of a given project.

    The evolution of market demands, expectations, and the available technologies have paved the way for the implementation of Agile development approaches within a range of firms. Agile management approaches depend on flexible planning and iterative development. Agile development seeks to harness the full value of the project participants to ensure that a job is delivered efficiently.


    Our Scrum exams are accredited by ScrumStudy.

    SCRUMstudy is the global accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications and works through its large global partner network of Authorized Training Providers (A.T.P.s) to deliver trainings and certifications.